Top 10 Black Scientists You Should Know

George Washington Carver: En route to Warm Springs, Georgia, March 31, 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt stopped at the Tuskegee Institute.

James West: Johns Hopkins School of Engineering Professor Dr. James West featured with a prototype of his research group's latest.

Charles H. Turner: Charles H. Turner, Ph.D., conducted most of his work while teaching at high schools.

Mae Jemison: Physician and NASA astronaut Mae Jemison speaks onstage during the 2016 Forbes Women's Summit at Pier Sixty, May 12, 2016.

Percy L. Julian: Pioneering chemist Percy L. Julian, shown here in the 1950s, was responsible for pioneering medications like synthetic versions.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Neil deGrasse Tyson attends the 2023 Palm Springs International Film Festival's world premiere of "80 For Brady" at Palm Springs High School.

David Harold Blackwell: Statistician David Harold Blackwell, Ph.D. was the first tenured Black professor at the University of California-Berkeley.

Marie Maynard Daly: A man's finger is pricked to test his cholesterol at a Newark health fair. Marie Maynard Daly.

Patricia Bath: Dr. Patricia Bath attends TIME Celebrates FIRSTS, Sept. 12, 2017, in New York City. She is seen here with Dr. Melvin Oatis.

Ernest Everett Just: Ernest Everett Just pioneered research into cell fertilization, division and hydration and the effects of carcinogenic radiation on cells.

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