Top 10 Completely False 'Facts' Everyone Knows

Mount Everest Is The Tallest Mountain in the World: Mount Everest is one whopping big mountain, but is it the tallest in the world.

Body Heat Dissipates Mainly Through the Head: Look at my cool hat! It is keeping my head warm. Sort of like my clothes are keeping my rest of me warm.

The Great Wall of China Is the Only Man-made Object Visible From Space: The Great Wall of China gets a double whammy on this myth. You can see other man-made objects from space.

Glass Is a Slow-moving Liquid: You may have lived for field trips as a kid, looking forward to a whole day of out-of-school fun and exploring.

Mother Birds Will Abandon Babies if You Touch Them: You're out in the yard and you see a distressing sight – a baby bird is floundering around on the ground, looking like.

Humans Have Five Senses: We hear what you're saying. We see your point of view. We feel your pain. Also, you smell bad and possibly taste funny.

Different Parts of Your Tongue Detect Different Tastes: Not Pictured: Maturity. (Also Not Pictured: A measly four-taste-enabled tongue.

People Thought the World Was Flat Before Columbus: Christopher Columbus' crew had a lot to be worried about as they set sail.

Deoxygenated Blood Is Blue: Everybody has veins snaking up and down their bodies, and those veins are blue.

Chameleons Change Color to Blend in With Surroundings: Chameleons are one of the five coolest species in the world. That's a fact.

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