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Top 10Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations in the World

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Acapulco, Mexico: Mexico has several distinct features that surely captivate tourists around the world.

Mumbai, India: Mumbai is a great place to travel with its rich history that is so fascinating.

Bogota, Columbia: During the time of Pablo Escobar, drug mafia and trafficking were ineradicable.

Cape Town, South Africa: Africa is one of the top places that you must explore on this planet.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic: Although crimes like robbery aren’t persistent in the Caribbean.

Bangkok, Thailand: Bangkok is one of the places which is great for vacations.

Peru: The country of Peru is known for its majestic ruins and ancient civilization, which makes the country distinct.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: We can’t leave Rio de Janeiro in the list of our distinguished tourist spots globally.

Israel: This is the reason why it is such a risky tourist destination in the world.

Kingston, Jamaica: Kingston is a wonderful place to travel, especially with its chilly vibe, which it’s known for.

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