10 Incredible Mariah Carey Performances

Heading 1

Honey: Honey” marks the start of a new direction for Carey.

Dreamlover: Carey’s upbeat tunes in the early Nineties were an ideal showcase for a bright.

All I Want for Christmas Is You: Carey celebrated the release of her first holiday album, 1994’s Merry Christmas.

Can’t Let Go: Carey’s performance of the ballad “Can’t Let Go” on this episode of Soul Train from 1991.

America the Beautiful: In June 1990, Mariah Carey was not yet the world-renowned vocalist.

Butterfly: The Late Show With David Letterman has always been the spot for some of Mariah’s most memorable performances.

Emotions: By the time Carey took the stage at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards.

Vision of Love: Carey rocketed to fame with “Vision of Love.

I’ll Be There: Carey is arguably one of the few singers to top a vocal performance by Michael Jackson.

Fantasy: Carey was an arena-packing star by the mid-Nineties.

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