10 incredible pet products 

Cat grooming gloves:
A lot of cats absolutely love being brushed and stroked.

Cat window hammock:
They love to survey their territory and keep tabs on what’s going on around them. But not all windowsills are wide enough for kitty to sit comfortably.

Dog or cat tent:
That’s why tents are great for cats and small dogs. Pick a tent with an extra cushiony floor for added comfort.

Food mat:
You could set your pet’s food bowl straight on the floor where it can slide around, or you could set it on a non-slip mat.

Cat backpack:
They also like to go for walks, but they’re less obedient than dogs, and lots of cats hate leashes.

Pet stairs:
Large dogs and healthy cats probably won’t need this product.

Doggy car seat:
Your pooch will be safe and secure, and there will be less fur on your car’s interior.

Cat stroller:
Dogs aren’t the only ones who enjoy walks! But carriers can be heavy, and not all cats will put up with being on a leash.

Calming cat bed:
Cats are notorious for napping on important stacks of documents just when you need them.

Baby gate:
Baby gates are helpful for keeping pets from sneaking into places where they’re not allowed.