10 Top Sources of Vitamin C

 These young seedlings of vegetables and herbs typically pack a greater vitamin and antioxidant load than their mature counterparts—including higher vitamin C levels.

BROCCOLI A half cup of cooked florets supplies 50.6 mg of vitamin C, which is 84 percent DV. 

KIWIFRUITAs a bonus, kiwis’ high vitamin C content helps to keep it from turning brown when sliced.

Fresh rosehips are packed with vitamin C, with a small, one ounce handful providing around 119 mg, or almost 200 percent DV.

One medium baked sweet potato supplies 22.3 mg vitamin C, or 37 percent DV. 

STRAWBERRIES A half cup of fresh sliced berries contains 49 mg or 81 percent DV.

CAMU CAMU JUICE This lip-puckering Amazonian superfood is packed with vitamin C and other antioxidants.

A crisp slice of fresh bell pepper is a satisfying way to top up your vitamin C intake.

 Guavas have one of the highest vitamin C contents of common fruits and vegetables. 

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