10 Unbelievably Tasty Korean Food Recipes

1. Candied Sweet Potato: With juicy and appetizing potato slices that have an impeccable amalgamation of saccharinity and crunchiness, this snack will make your taste buds rolling.

2. Corn Cheese:  The bubble of baked cheese enhances the tang of this platter and is a much-adored appetizer in Korea. 

3. Chicken Soup: A bowl of hot soup can not only satiate your stomach rumbles but also provide you comfort and warmth while appeasing your soul.

4. Vegetable Tempura: Crispy sliced vegetables browned in Korean-style batter fusion, Vegetable Tempura is a traditional Korean dish that can be prepared in hardly any minutes.

5. Dakjjim:
Dakjjim is a hearty and healthful dish renowned as the Korean braised chicken.

6. Bibimbap: A bowl that consists of all the salubrious items including rice, beef, egg, and veggies, Bibimbap is one of the most delightful saucers in the land of Korea.

7. Kimchi: This mixture is further left for the process of fermentation to accelerate the sense of taste.

8. Spicy Korean Style Cucumber: Besides dishes, it can also be a perfect accompaniment for cocktails, such as a martini or bloody mary.

9. Haemul Pajeon:
Also known as the seafood scallion pancake, Haemul Pajeon is a savory dish that is served as an appetizer.

10. Red rice cakes:
Red rice cakes, also famed as Tteokbokki, is an orthodox customary dish on the streets of Korea.

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