12 Most Valuable Japanese Coins Worth Money

1. Hishi Oban (10 Ryo), ND Tensho Era (ca. 1588), PCGS MS60 Gold Shield-The pre-sale estimate was $700,000 to 900,000. But by the time the hammer fell, the price was $1.92 million.

2. 1870 Japan Pattern Coin Set-It became the most valuable set of coins ever sold, with the winning bidder paying $1.56 million to secure it.

3. Gold 10 Yen Pattern, Year 3 (1870), PCGS SP61 Gold Shield-It was sold in Hong Kong in April 2021 by coin specialists Stack’s Bowers. The price was an estimate-busting $660,000.

4. 20 Yen, Year 10 (1877), PCGS MS64 Prooflike Gold Shield-The sale left even that upper estimate behind. The winning bidder paid an astonishing $840,000 to add it to their collection.

5. Naga Oban (10 Ryo), ND Tensho Era (ca. 1573-1591), PCGS Genuine AU Details Gold Shield-It was predicted to fetch between $200,000 and $300,000. But when the hammer fell, it had sold for $348,000.

6. Oban (10 Ryo), ND Genroku Era (ca. 1695-1704), PCGS MS61 Gold Shield-It sold in 2021 for $288,000.

7. Oban (10 Ryo), ND Genroku Era (ca. 1695-1704), PCGS MS62 Gold Shield-It was offered the price of between $200,000 and $300,000.but fetched a slightly lower price of $264,000.

8. Oban (10 Ryo), ND Tensho Era (ca. 1573-1609), PCGS MS63 Gold Shield-It was sold at auction in 2021, and achieved a price of $156,000.

9. 2 Yen, Year 13 (1880), PCGS Genuine – Damage-the collectors at the sale in 2021 rated it far more highly. When the hammer fell, it had achieved a price of $114,000.

10. Oban (10 Ryo), ND Keicho Era (ca. 1601-95), PCGS MS62 Gold Shield-Auction in 2021, it was expected to fetch between $35,000 and $50,000. In the event, it sold for $102,000.

11. Meireki Oban (10 Ryo), ND Keicho Era (ca. 1658-95), PCGS MS61 Gold Shield- it far exceeded those expectations, selling for $84,000.

12. Sado. Koban, ND, PCGS Genuine – Chop Mark, Unclassified Details Gold Shield-Auction in 2021, the guide price of $30,000 to $40,000 was soon left behind. It eventually sold for $75,000.

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