13 Most Expensive Metals Found in Nature

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Rhodium: Rhodium is the most expensive metal in the world. It is a rare transition metal primarily used in catalytic converters, jewelry, and electronic components. 

Palladium:It is a precious metal that is often used in catalytic converters, electronics, dentistry, and jewelry.It is valued for its high melting point,corrosion resistance.

Platinum:It is another precious metal with various industrial applications,including jewelry,catalytic converters and electronics.It is highly valued for its resistance to corrosion and oxidation. 

Gold: Gold has been treasured for centuries and is widely used in jewelry, investment, and electronics. It is known for its beauty, malleability, and resistance to tarnishing. 

Rhenium: Rhenium is a rare metal with a high melting point and excellent heat resistance. It is primarily used in aerospace applications, electrical contacts, and catalytic converters. 

Iridium:It is a dense and corrosion-resistant metal commonly used in spark plugs,electrical contacts and crucibles.It is also employed in the aerospace and electronics industries.

Osmium: Osmium is the densest naturally occurring element and is often used in alloys, electrical contacts, and fountain pen tips. It is a rare metal and has a bluish-white color. 

Ruthenium: Ruthenium is a versatile metal used in various applications, including electrical contacts, catalysts, and jewelry.It is valued for its hardness, corrosion resistance.

Indium: Indium is a soft and malleable metal with excellent conductivity. It is primarily used in electronic devices, such as touchscreens, solar panels, and semiconductors. 

Tantalum:It is a corrosion-resistant metal widely used in electronics,medical devices and aerospace applications.It is valued for its  ability to store and release electrical energy. 

Cobalt:It is a hard,lustrous metal used in various industries,including aerospace,electronics and batteries.Cobalt prices have fluctuated due to supply chain concerns and ethical sourcing issues.

Silver: Silver has numerous applications, including jewelry, electronics, photography, and solar panels. While it is not as expensive as some other metals on this list.

Lithium:It is a lightweight metal used in rechargeable batteries,electric vehicles and energy storage systems.The electric vehicles and renewable energy has led to increased demand for this.

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