14 Different Type of Snakes You Can Own

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Green Tree Python : These vibrant, arboreal snakes are highly sought after for their stunning colors and unique patterns. Rare color morphs and designer lineage can command high prices.

Ball Python: Ball pythons are popular pet snakes known for their docile nature and diverse color morphs. Some of the rarer morphs, such as the "Banana" or "Piebald" varieties, can be quite expensive.

Reticulated Python: Reticulated pythons are among the largest snake species and come in various striking color morphs. Certain rare morphs, such as the "Super Dwarf" or "Platinum" reticulated pythons.

Emerald Tree Boa: These stunning arboreal snakes are known for their bright green coloration and striking patterns. Specific morphs, like the "Black" or "High Yellow" emerald tree boas.

Blood Python (Python brongersmai):They are known for their robust build and striking red coloration.Highly sought-after morphs,such as the T-Positive Albino or White Albino blood pythons.

African Rock Python (Python sebae):They are large and powerful snakes.They are not as commonly kept as other species,certain morphs or specific subspecies,such as the Ivory African rock python.

Sunbeam Snake (Xenopeltis unicolor): Sunbeam snakes have a glossy black appearance and iridescent scales. They are relatively rare in captivity, and obtaining captive-bred specimens can be costly.

King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah):It is the world's longest venomous snake and highly venomous.Due to their venomous nature and specific regulations surrounding their ownership.

Gaboon Viper :They are known for their impressive size,triangular-shaped heads, and potent venom.They require specific permits and expertise to own which contributes to their high cost.

Black-headed Python (Aspidites melanocephalus):These striking pythons have black heads and distinctive markings.They are native to Australia and,require permits to own outside their native range.

Blue-eyed Leucistic Ball Python: This specific morph of ball python displays stunning blue eyes and a white or pale coloration throughout its body.It has rarity and striking appearance.

Albino Burmese Python (Python bivittatus):It lack the dark pigmentation typically seen in this species,displaying a yellow or white coloration.They are sought after by reptile enthusiasts.

Leucistic Texas Rat Snake (Pantherophis obsoletus lindheimeri):it lack the typical pigmentation and display white or pale coloration.They are native to Texas and are popular among collectors.

Boelen's Python (Simalia boeleni):These pythons are medium-sized with adult lengths ranging from 5 to 7 feet.They have a slender build and are agile climbers, spending much of their time in trees.

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