7 Must-See Buildings in Brussels

Social Housing: Rusty metal panels are normally seen as a sign of structural damage.

Palais Stoclet: Although located on a Brussels boulevard 570 miles (900 km) from Vienna, Palais Stoclet is perhaps the most iconic.

Atomium: The Atomium is a giant model of a crystal molecule of metal, magnified 165 billion times.

Maison and Atelier Horta: Revolutionary Belgian architect Victor Horta designed this graceful Art Nouveau complex to serve as his house.

Hôtel Tassel: Hôtel Tassel is the elegant work of Belgian Art Nouveau architect and artist Victor Horta.

Palace of Justice: The Palace of Justice was the largest building constructed in the world during the 19th century.

Brussels Town Hall: The focus of the city’s Grand Place, Brussels Town Hall is perhaps the most significant secular building.

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