8 Best places in Medway 

1. Choate Park-The facilities at Choate Park have been upgraded in the last few years, and also improving the beach area on the water’s edge.

2. Idylbrook Recreation Area and Conservation Land-the land to the west has been returned to nature,trees,shrubs,wildflowers providing a habitat for beavers,cottontail rabbits.

3. Medway Community Farm-The trails are part of a long corridor on Chicken Brook, linking with Idylbrook Recreation Area and Choate Park.

4. Muffin House Cafe-The flagship at Downtown Crossing in Boston was adored for its bakery, making what some claim were the best blueberry muffins of all time.

5. Fairmount Fruit Farm-The orchard covers more than 20 acres, and is mostly devoted to apples, producing ten varieties, including Honey Crisp and Macoun.

6. Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm-This begins with strawberries in June, and the season continues with blueberries, sunflowers, wildflowers, tomatoes, apples, and finally pumpkins.

7. The Little Gym of Medway-The gym is also open for regular drop-in sessions, and caters to birthday parties, offering a fun-packed schedule of instructor-led games and activities.

8. Happy Goats Farm-At this time of year you can take part in baby goat yoga sessions, if you don’t mind being used as a playscape by mischievous kid goats.

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