1. AMERICAN GREEN TREE FROG- They’re a bright shade of green in color, and their lengths can reach a maximum of 2.5 inches.

2. GREEN FROG-They can reach a length of 3.9 inches and have brown, gray, or dark green bodies with brown or green heads.

3. COPE’S GRAY TREE FROG-The Cope’s gray tree frog is an amphibian that tends to blend in with the branches of the trees because of its grayish-green coloring.

4. FLORIDA BOG FROG-The Florida bog frog is a species of frog that’s known for its small size and its preference for living in slow-moving backwaters.

5. PINE BARRENS TREE FROG-These frogs are on the smaller side and are an emerald green color with a white stripe running down each side of their body.

6. PIG FROG-The pig frog is a native amphibian to the United States and can be found from South Carolina to Texas and Florida.

7. BARKING TREE FROG-These amphibians usually live in trees, but when it gets too hot, they burrow into the ground to stay cool.

8. AMERICAN BULLFROG-These amphibians are large, olive-green frogs that can weigh more than 2 pounds and are known for devouring animals much smaller than themselves.

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