1. PHILIPPINE EAGLE-The wingspan of a mature Philippine eagle can reach 7.3 feet, and the bird itself can reach a maximum length of 3.4 feet.

2. WHALESHARK-They can be found at depths of more than 50 meters and are known to be the largest fish in the world, growing up to 40 feet long.

3. PHILIPPINE LONG-TAILED MACAQUE-The length of these monkeys’ tails can reach up to 1.97 feet, while their bodies typically range from 35 to 47 inches.

4. EURASIAN TREE SPARROW-They’re small birds, weighing only up to 14 cm, with brownish upperparts streaked with black and their wings are brown with two narrow white bars on them. 

5. TOKAY GECKO-These reptiles are the third largest species of gecko and can reach a maximum size of 12 inches in length. 

6. PHILIPPINE WARTY PIG-These strong animals usually live in grasslands, forests, and mountainous areas, where they eat grass roots, leaves, and tubers.

7. TARSIER-their maximum height is only 6.30 inches, these small primates are considered to be one of the smallest primate species.

8. PHILIPPINE FLYING LEMUR-These lemurs live in places with a lot of trees, like coconut and rubber plantations. They eat young leaves, soft fruits, flowers, plant shoots, and insects.

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