1. MADAGASCAR GIANT DAY GECKO- They can reach a length of 11 inches and have a body color that’s bright green all over, except for a red stripe that runs from their nostrils to their eyes.

2. GREEN AMEIVA-They live on the forest floor and often hide under logs and in piles of dead leaves. Green ameivas also eat many different kinds of insects, as well as frogs and other lizards.

3. VEILED CHAMELEON-Adult females have bands of white, orange, and yellow across their green bodies, whereas adult males have bands of yellow and blue across their bodies.

4. BLUE-CRESTED LIZARD-This species of lizard can live in a variety of places, such as lowland and lower montane forests, gardens, parks, and the edges of forests.

5. KNIGHT ANOLE-They have a bright green coloration, with a yellow or white stripe that runs across their eyes and shoulders.

6. GREEN IGUANA-These introduced species are typically located near bodies of water and live in trees, which explains why they’re such skilled climbers.

7. GREEN ANOLE-The green anole is the only species of anole that’s native to Florida. You can find it in places with very high humidity, such as swamps, forests, wooded beaches.

8. ORIENTAL GARDEN LIZARD-Oriental garden lizards will typically grab their prey with their teeth, shake ferociously to stun the prey, and then swallow it whole.

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