Actors who found success on multiple tv shows

Tom Selleck -
The actor became very popular when he starred in 'Magnum P.I.' (1980-1988). Selleck returned to TV in the hit show 'Friends' (1994–2004)

Richard Dean Anderson -
For many of us, Richard Dean Anderson will always be synonym with 'MacGyver'

 Alyssa Milano -
The actress was probably one of the biggest teen crushes of the '80s when she starred in 'Who's the Boss?

Julianna Margulies -
The actress found great success with 'ER' (1994–2009). Margulies later landed the lead role in the hit legal drama 'The Good Wife' (2009–2016).

James Garner -
The late actor starred in hit shows such as 'Maverick' (1957-1962)

Ed Asner -
From 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' (1973-1977) to 'Lou Grant' (1977-1982), the late actor found success in multiple TV shows.

Lucille Ball -
The actress starred in the successful sitcom 'I Love Lucy' (1951–1957) and followed it up with numerous hit shows, including 'The Lucy Show' (1962-1968) and 'Here's Lucy' (1968-1974).

Tony Danza -
The actor became famous as Tony Banta in 'Taxi' (1978-1983), but Danza then became huge with 'Who's the Boss?' (1984-1992)

Kelsey Grammer -
The actor, better known for his famous character Dr. Frasier Crane, has starred in multiple successful shows

Scott Bakula -
The actor has starred in a number of acclaimed TV shows, including 'Quantum Leap' (1989-1993) and 'Star Trek: Enterprise' (2001-2005).

Jeffrey Tambor -
From 'The Larry Sanders Show' (1992–1998) to 'Arrested Development' (2003–2019) and 'Transparent' (2014–2019), Tambor has starred in multiple hit shows.

Teri Hatcher -
Fans might know Hatcher starred in 'The Love Boat' (1977–1987) and 'MacGyver' (1985–1992). 

Cybill Shepherd -
The actress hit it big with her co-star Bruce Willis in 'Moonlighting' (1985-1989). 

Bryan Cranston -
The actor is talented and lucky enough to have starred in two major successful shows:

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