All of the sweet, savory, and spicy ways the world prepares

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Lincolnshire: -Classic English Lincolnshire sausages are plump and delicious, full of ground pork. 

Bratwurst: -One of the most popular and delicious styles of sausage in the world is the classic German bratwurst. 

Filipino longganisa: -Filipino longganisa can vary drastically depending on where you are in the Philippines. 

Laulau: -Laulau are enjoyed in different forms under different names across Polynesia, and are some of the most unique types of 'sausages' you can find.

Mexican chorizo: -Mexican chorizo, on the other hand, is prepared fresh and gets its red color from hot peppers rather than paprika.

Breakfast sausage: -A delightfully North American invention, breakfast sausages can come in either links or patties.

Sai ua: -Sai ua is a delicious pork sausage prepared in the northern regions of Thailand.

Spanish chorizo: -Traditional Spanish chorizo is a well-known delicious, flavorful.

Andouille: -This popular and particularly unique sausage hails from Truyes, France, and is known for its pungent smell.

Ian-chhiâng: -Taiwanese ian-chhiâng sausage is a staple treat in the night markets of Taipei and beyond.

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