Bad beauty habits we all need to break

Overwashing our hair
It is a common misconception that the more often we wash our hair, the cleaner it will be. In fact, washing our hair strips it of its natural oils.

Not washing pillow cases
If left unwashed, pillow cases can accumulate excess oil, dirt, and makeup, which eventually causes breakouts.

Using rubber bands
Tying up your hair with a rubber band is perhaps the worst thing you could do to it. The material will inevitably cause breakages and is very damaging to the hair. 

Popping pimples
Again, popping pimples is very tempting. Not only is it satisfying, but we often have the impression that popping them will reduce their appearance

Cover your nails
It can also be a good idea to put a physical barrier between your teeth and your nails, so you can’t bite them.

Using heat
The heat dries out the hair and can quickly cause split ends or frizz. Try to let your hair dry naturally if you can. 

Licking our lips
Try to avoid licking your lips. If they do become chapped, use a lip balm to treat them.

Rubbing our eyes
Granted it is very difficult not to do this, particularly when we are tired or suffering from allergies. 

Biting our nails
This is perhaps the most difficult beauty habit to break; it is notoriously difficult to kick. But there are techniques you can use even if it’s the habit of a lifetime. 

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