Best Animals Keep as Pets

 Birds:make fun pets for folks who aren’t looking for cuddling. Depending on the type of bird you select, you can enjoy them for their sweet voice, beautiful plumage, or colorful personality. 

Cats: can be a great low-maintenance pet for beginners. They are great for those who live in an apartment but still want a pet that doesn’t live in a tank or cage. 

Lizards: are easy to care for and have a fun personality, making them a good choice as small pets for children. As with any small pet, supervise your child around the lizard until you are confident.

Rats: They are naturally clean, are quick learners, and are social, affectionate animals. One strong argument for rats as opposed to other small pets such as hamsters is that they keep the same clock

Snakes: may not be the most popular choice as an animal to keep as a pet, many people find them to be nice companions. If you live in an apartment, having a pet that doesn’t require outside exercise.

Fish: may be a perfect choice. Setting up an aquarium and tending to the fish inside can become an engrossing hobby. You can have anything from a smaller tank with a single Betta to a larger aquarium

Hamsters: are often considered an excellent pet, and they can be. It is important to realize that although they are small, they do require regular care. Like many small pets, they tend to messiness. 

Guinea Pigs: may not be a choice that comes immediately to mind when selecting a pet for your household, but they are a charming and fun choice. They are friendly and social, are easy to handle.

Dogs:are probably the choice that comes to mind immediately when thinking of the best animal to keep as a pet. Many dogs are good for cuddling and are probably overall the most friendly.

Rabbits:may be a perfect choice. It may take a little while for your pet rabbit to get comfortable being handled. While a good choice for children, it is important to take the time to show the child.

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