Best Movie Performances

Heading 1

Annette Bening: There are some actors you tend to take for granted, assuming that their name in the credits means you'll.

Alden Ehrenreich: Even if you took out his "Twere it all so simple" exchange with Ralph Fiennes – an instant addition.

Adam Driver: He's played dysfunctional hipsters, wannabe Sith lords and fake-rube folksingers – but it was the role.

Mahershala Ali: There's not a single weak link performance-wise in Barry Jenkins' extraordinary chronicle of a young man.

Krisha Fairchild: Not everyone would help out their filmmaker nephew by playing an absolute terror of a family relative.

Kate Beckinsale: Whit Stillman's breezy, bubbly adaptation of Jane Austen's epistolary novel Lady Susan is full of wonderful.

Sonia Braga: The Grande Dame of Brazilian cinema returns, complete with the fire-and-brimstone performance.

Casey Affleck: We leave the wounded, wound-down handyman of Kenneth Lonergan's American tragedy in the same place.

Garrett Hedlund: Another one from the who-would-have-thought? dept.: Ang Lee's big-screen blowout of a bestseller.

Kathyrn Hahn: Say what you will about this surprising hit in which suburban mothers stop trying to meet impossible.

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