Birds with  Most Colorful Feathers

 Resplendent Quetzal:some birds with the most colorful feathers feature prominently in ancient and modern traditions. Case in point, the resplendent quetzal, a central figure in Aztec and Mayan.

Mandarin Duck:is a species of perching duck found throughout East Asia. While once more widespread, its range is now limited to eastern Russia, Korea, China, and Japan.

 Lilac-Breasted Roller: is native to Sub-Saharan Africa. You can find it in wooded areas and savannahs, as it typically avoids areas without tree cover. Lilac-breasted rollers prey on insects spiders

Painted Bunting:is also one of the birds with the most colorful feathers. A member of the cardinal family, Cardinalidae, the painting bunting is native to North America.

Nicobar Pigeon:is the first entry on our list of birds with the most colorful feathers. A member of the pigeon and dove family Columbidae, the Nicobar pigeon is the closest living species to extinct.

Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise:That said, Wilson’s bird-of-paradise stands out even among such a colorful lot. A native to Indonesia, Wilson’s birds-of-paradise live only in the forests of the islands.

Gouldian Finch:boasts incredible plumage even amongst birds with the most colorful feathers. Named after the British ornithologist John Gould’s wife, Elizabeth, the Gouldian Finch is a native.

Rainbow Lorikeet: is native to Australia, although introduced populations also live in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Tasmania. You can find them primarily in rainforests, woodlands, and coastal areas.

Scarlet Macaw: range through the rainforests, savannahs, and humid woodlands of Central America and South America. Their diet consists mostly of fruits, seeds, nuts, and nectar, as well as insects.

Common Peafowl:The Indian peafowl or common peafowl is the most widely recognized of the three peacock species.While native to India and Sri Lanka you can now find common peafowl throughout in world.

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