Bizarre health and fitness trends

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The Moby Revolving Hammock: If you wanted a healthy spine, a full chest, and a small waist.

Bile beans: Yes, diet pills have been around for a long time. These slimming pills.

The Spring Leg: Want to tone your legs? This exercise apparatus is the answer. Or not.

Cigarettes: Indeed nicotine is an appetite suppressant and it can speed up the metabolism.

Vibrating bras: Yes, this was a thing. It worked similar to any other vibration devices.

Hamster wheels: Okay, we must admit, this one looks pretty fun! But we're not so sure about.

Dr. Electric Massage: This one has a medical vibe to it. Invented by a South African doctor.

Vaulting horses: Not your typical one used in gymnastics. This one was more akin.

Fat-reducing soap: Yes, in the 1920s you could just wash fat away with this soap.

Ozone bath: Jump into a giant zip lock bag and pump some ozone for the ultimate weight loss effect.

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