Bizarre medical facts you won’t believe are true

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A fetus will cure mom's heart: If a pregnant woman has damaged heart tissue.

Gamers make good surgeons: A study shows that surgeons who played video games regularly.

Redheads: Redheads experience pain differently from other people.

Heart and music: Music tempo and volume has a direct impact on heart rate.

Microorganisms: We have trillions of microorganisms in our bodies, but a study found that more than 99%.

Cholesterol and violence: A study shows that there is a link between individuals.

 Gut feeling: Your brain and your gut are actually connected. It's called the gut-brain axis.

We breath out excess weight: When we lose weight, fat cells turn into carbon dioxide.

Poop transplant: Fecal transplantation, also known as bacteriotherapy.

Male soldiers with breasts: Germany's Wachbataillon military guards.

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