Signs your brain is aging faster than you are

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You struggle to find the right words: -Sure, we’ve all been there, but we’re not talking about the occasional time we couldn’t think of the right word. 

You’re depressed: -Depression is not directly associated with premature brain aging, but it might indeed be the case.

You get easily distracted: -As we age, our brains start to lose receptors and neurons, which can have an impact on focus and concentration.

You can’t hear as well as you used to: -Hearing loss is a common side effect of aging, but it may also be a red flag.

You find it harder and take longer to learn new things: -It turns out that having learning difficulties due to cognitive decline is not as straightforward as we once thought.

You are walking slower than you used to: -Your gait can certainly give hints about your health. 

Your sense of smell is not the same anymore: -Losing some of our sense of smell is natural as we grow older, but when it happens prematurely.

Your eyesight is not the same anymore: -Those with vision conditions such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, among others.

Your memory is not the same: -Mild memory loss is to be expected as we age, but when you really start to forget things such as the month or season of the year.

You can’t quite taste foods as you used to: -Together with smell comes taste. If you find yourself constantly upping the salt or sugar on your food.

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