Celebrities with bizarre eating habits

Novak Djokovic:
The tennis ace eats grass after winning. After a match against Rafael Nadal, he fell to his knees and started eating the court.

Selena Gomez:
You may not want to take this pop star on a movie date...Gomez likes her popcorn "Texas style," with pickle juice and Tabasco sauce.

Madonna has previously followed a macrobiotic diet of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and soy products.

Mark Zuckerberg:
In 2011, the Facebook CEO only consumed meat that he had killed himself.

Taylor Swift:
The 'Shake it Off' singer-songwriter is partial to a glass of lavender lemonade now and again.

Stephen King:
Before writing, the iconic horror author always eats a slice of cheesecake.

Usain Bolt:
According to Running Magazine, the Jamaican sprinter and Olympic champion feasted on as many as 100 Chicken McNuggets per day during the 2008 Olympics.

Steve Jobs:
Steve Jobs once only ate carrots for weeks at a time. So much so that his skin actually turned orange!

Catherine Zeta-Jones:
The 'Chicago' star cleans her teeth with strawberry puree.

Jessica Alba:
The actress-turned-entrepreneur adds pink Himalayan sea salt to her drinking water.

Bill Gates:
In his early days of computer programming, Bill Gates would consume a lot of Tang—in powdered form, according to Business Insider.

Donald Trump:
The former US President is very particular about how well-done his food is cooked. From eggs to a choice steak, he requires it to be cooked all the way through.

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