Celebs who have been reported missing

Sinéad O’Connor -
Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor disappeared from a Chicago suburb in 2016.

Kurt Cobain -
His mother filed a missing persons report and Love even hired a private detective to help in the search. Sadly, Cobain did not turn up safe and sound. 

Richey Edwards -  When he disappeared in 1995, many assumed that he had taken his own life.

Bison Dele - Four people got on the boat when the trip started, but only one got off. Dele, his girlfriend, and the boat's captain were never seen again.

Nick Stahl -
Actor Nick Stahl, known for his roles in 'Sin City' (2005) and 'Terminator 3' (2003), was reported missing by his wife in 2012.

Fan Bingbing -
Fan Bingbing, one of China's A-list actresses, disappeared without a trace in 2018.

Casey Kasem -
Casey Kasem was one of the most famous radio DJs in the US during his career, hosting shows like 'American Top 40.' 

Margot Kidder -
She was found by police living in boxes on the streets of LA. She was disheveled and had cut her hair off with a razor blade. 

Jimmy Hoffa -
Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance is still one of the most famous in history. The corrupt union leader was known to have connections to the mob.

Harold Holt - Harold Holt was voted prime minister of Australia in 1966, but in 1967 he vanished completely and was never seen again. 

Jean Spangler -
Jean Spangler was a rising star in the film industry when she disappeared at the age of 26. 

Amelia Earhart - Her plane was never found, but it's believed she crashed into the ocean.

Agatha Christie -
The famous murder mystery author Agatha Christie disappeared from her home in Berkshire, England, on December 3, 1926.

Glenn Miller -
In 1944, Miller was on a plane flying from the England to France, when it disappeared over the English Channel.

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