Celebs who worked as waiters

Chris Pratt -
Before becoming a successful actor, Pratt worked as a waiter in an American seafood restaurant chain called Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Julianne Moore -
The famous actress is proud of her time as a waitress. “I’m a worker, I was a good waitress, because if you ask me to do a job, I’ll do it,she said.

Renée Zellweger - The A-list actress worked as a waitress at Sugar’s Go-Go lap dancing club in Austin, Texas.

Jon Hamm -
The 'Mad Men' actor's first job was at a Greek restaurant. He recalls the experience having had a positive impact on him.

Marisa Tomei - The actress used to wait tables at a Tony Roma's restaurant.

Jennifer Coolidge -
“She was actually the hostess and I was the cocktail waitress. She ended up getting my shifts because I had such bad attendance,” revealed Coolidge.

Kristen Wiig -
The actress worked as a waitress in the cafeteria at Universal Studios in Hollywood. She later managed to get into 'Saturday Night Live.'

Sandra Bullock -
Can you believe Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Coolidge worked together at a restaurant?

Russell Crowe - The actor worked at a diner in Sydney, Australia when he was younger

Chris Rock -
Like Pratt, the comedian is also a seafood restaurant veteran. He used to work at Red Lobster.

Eva Mendes -
The actress worked at a fast food chain called Hot Dog on a Stick.

Lady Gaga - Gaga worked as a waitress at a diner on the Upper West Side in New York City. She actually managed to save enough money to buy a Gucci bag! 

Madonna -
Madonna famously worked at a Dunkin’ Donuts in New York City (from which she was fired), among other waiting jobs.

Megan Fox -
Fox worked as an waitress when she first moved to LA, but soon after she was spotted by a model scout.

Kathy Bates -
The actress worked as a singing waitress at a Catskill Mountain resort in the state of New York.

Amanda Seyfried - The actress worked as a waitress at a retirement community when she was 17.

Sarah Silverman - The comedian used to work as a cocktail waitress at a restaurant called La Cantina.

Andy Grammer -
“I make a mean McFlurry,” said the singer-songwriter, who worked at McDonald's.

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