Celebs you'd love to have as grandparents

Christopher Plummer - If you have the feeling that this immensely gifted Canadian actor would be a vault of knowledge, you are not alone.

Sidney Poitier - Anyone would be proud to call this award-winning film director grandfather. 

Betty White - The funny 'Golden Girl' is the ideal grandmother in many books. 

Julie Andrews - Imagine: a real-life Mary Poppins as your  grandmother! Amazing. 

Alan Alda - Can talent be genetically passed down? If so, the actor would be an excellent choice for a granddad! 

Gloria Estefan - Who better to teach you to dance and do the conga than this Latin artist? What a fun grandma she'd make! 

Ben Kingsley - It'd be a dream to be adopted into the Kingsley family and have the talented actor as a grandpa. 

William Shatner - This Canadian actor played Captain Kirk in 'Star Trek,' which automatically qualifies him as the coolest grandparent in this gallery. 

Jackie Chan - His grandchildren would be lucky to have him as a grandfather. He could teach them several martial arts moves and stellar stunts!

James Earl Jones - Having voiced iconic roles like Darth Vader from 'Star Wars' and Mufasa in 'The Lion King,' the actor seems like the perfect choice for reading a bedtime story. 

Larry King - Some life advice King had for his grandchildren, according to Grandparents.com is: “Life is going to deal you some setbacks...but there is always something good coming around the corner."

Meryl Streep - Most people would be happy to have the greatest actress of all time "act" like their grandmother any day!

Goldie Hawn - If Goldie Hawn were your granny, that could mean having the beautiful Kate Hudson as your mom!

Helen Mirren - The English actress would be one stunning grandmother. The performer is absolutely ageless.

Patrick Stewart - Couple Mirren with equally as talented actor Patrick Stewart and you'd have two of the most terrific grandparents ever. 

Jane Fonda - What a glamorous grandma Jane Fonda would be. Just look at her!

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