Delicious cocktails from around the world

The Negroni was born after an Americano cocktail got introduced to a substantial amount of gin. This understated drink is a glassful of sultry Italian charm.

Sangria, Spain
 This fruity concoction washes down beautifully when accompanied with tapas and other delicacies. Top tip: order by the jugful, one glass is never enough.

Ouzo, Greece
 the spirit should be served over ice to bring out its smokey appearance.

 The pisco sour's limey bite is softened by the frothy egg white that forms a smooth, satisfying finish.

White Russian, Belgium
Despite its name, the White Russian was actually conceived in Brussels. Hefty portions of vodka and coffee liquor take on a softer taste with the addition of cream or milk.

Piña Colada, Puerto Rico
Just one sip of the sweet, sticky concoction is enough to leave you dreaming of Caribbean beaches and Rupert Holmes's dulcet tones.

Caipirinha, Brazil
A product of Brazil's rich sugarcane history, the caipirinha tempers sweet brown sugar with tart lime juice and potent cachaça.

Kir Royale, France
Its luxurious deep-red color comes from smooth blackcurrant liquor, crème de cassis.

Margarita, Mexico
The Mexican classic, which even has its own national day of celebration on February 22, is a tangy tequila concoction with plenty of character and crunch.

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