Discover the summer island getting rid of time

Summer of 69: On the island, the sun doesn't set from May 18 through July 26, a full 69 days, CNN reports.

The midnight sun: This natural phenomenon where the sun remains visible at the local midnight.

Extraordinary solution for an extraordinary circumstance: The island’s Facebook page, Time-Free Zone, asks a valid question.

Why they’re so good at summer: The reason the islanders make the most of their summer is in part.

They’re used to unconventional time: There's constantly daylight, and we act accordingly," says islander Kjell Ove Hveding.

Some usual summer activities: Hveding said that it’s perfectly normal to see children playing soccer or going for a swim, or people mowing the lawn in the middle of the night.

No darkness and no rules: The Facebook page writes that “a coffee with friends on the beach at 2 am is a normal thing.

Benefits of being active at “night: The residents say there’s always less wind at night, which is “perfect to paint the garage.” Thrilling.

We do what we want when we want: Which includes putting all traditional forms of time in "air quotes.

What about sleep: While activities are welcome around the clock, so is clocking out for a little while.

Making it official: There are little more than 300 people on the island, but they got to a point where they decided they wanted the world to recognize their lifestyle.

Making it official: On June 13, 2019, some members of the town’s council met with a Norwegian member of parliament to discuss the practical.

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