Do plants and trees have consciousness

There is research -
Plant gnosophysiology, or plant cognition, studies  things such as memory and learning (even though plants don't have a brain).

Trees are polite to each other -
This phenomenon has been puzzling scientists for years, with a consensus for the reason not yet being reached.

Theory -
One of the possible reasons is that trees do this as part of a defense mechanism to help prevent the spread of diseases, as well as to share sunlight.

Crown shyness -
Interestingly, not all trees behave like this. This is more common among trees of the same species as well as the same age. 

They share resources -
Trees that avoid touching share sunlight with their peers, but they also share other resources through their roots.

Mycorrhizal networks -
Plants and fungi communicate using these networks, which includes the sharing of resources such as carbon and nitrogen.

Sharing resources -
The largest and oldest trees use this network to nurture younger trees, sharing the resources they need to grow.

They 'talk' to each other -
These plant-fungus networks are used for more than just sharing resources. They are also used to communicate with each other.

They communicate - Communication between trees and plants is not just done underground. Plants actually have a sense of smell and react to certain odors.

They can call for help -
Speaking of insects, when plants are under attack, they release volatile molecules that make up particular scents.

Jasmone -
One of these molecules is jasmone, which is emitted by jasmine flowers to alert nearby plants of aphids.

Lawn -
And as for the distinctive smell of a freshly-cut lawn, yes, it’s essentially the grass crying for help while being under attack.

They recognize family -
This behavior, most commonly associated with animals, is also present in plants.

They are vocal -
Trees emit sound frequencies. These are all ultra-low-frequency infrasound or high-frequency ultrasound, so humans can’t hear them. 

They can 'hear' -
As plants and trees emit frequencies, they can also detect vibrations through the air.

They might 'see' -
While plants do not have eyes as such, they are sensitive to light. In fact, they do have eye-like organs called ocelli, that act like lenses to detect light.

They learn -
Through their senses, plants can actually learn and have the capacity to remember. 

How about consciousness? -
So, are plants conscious? Well, to begin with, we need to have a universally clear definition of what consciousness is (which we don’t).

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