Do you remember these actors and actresses from the 80s

Lori Singer - Lori Singer was in the cast of the iconic 'Fame' television series. She also worked with Kevin Bacon in 'Footloose.'

Teri Garr - Remember Teri Garr? She played in 'Young Frankenstein' and also appeared in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and 'Tootsie.'

Shelley Long - This is a more familiar face. Shelley Long is famous from the comedy 'Cheers,' and she also shared the poster with Tom Hanks in 'The Money Pit.'

Bob Hoskins - British actor Bob Hoskins enjoyed worldwide success with typical 80s' movies like 'Mermaids' and 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit.'

Jennifer Grey - Jennifer Grey was mostly successful with one movie: 'Dirty Dancing.' But what an iconic performance!

Barbara Carrera - Barbara Carrera was a Bond Girl in 'Never Say Never Again.' She's also known for 'Dallas.'

Michael Paré - Michael Paré embodied the casanova of the 80s, as he seduced everyone in 'Streets of Fire'.

Ralph Macchio - We know this actor from 'Karate Kid' but he was also in 'The Outsiders'! Did you recognize him, next to a young Matt Dillon and C. Thomas Howell?

Kelly LeBrock - Here we see 'The Woman in Red' next to Gene Wilder. On a personal level, Kelly LeBrock was once the fiancee of Steven Seagal.

Jeff Goldblum - Jeff Goldblum was an 80s' star with 'The Fly,' but you may also know him from the more recent 'Jurassic Park' and 'Thor' movies.

Margot Kidder - Margot Kidder fell in love with Superman, to everyone's delight.

Karen Allen - Karen Allen has appeared in many films but her best known role was that of Marion in the Indiana Jones movie 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.'

Brooke Shields - 'Blue Lagoon' - it's impossible to forget Brooke Shields, the star par excellence of the 80s. And she's still doing TV projects today.

Connie Sellecca - Connie Sellecca was part of the cast of the 'Hotel' TV series, and she's also remembered for the sci-fi series 'The Greatest American Hero.'

Debra Winger - Debra Winger became a star through her role in 'An Officer and Gentleman.' Here you see her next to John Travolta in the country movie 'Urban Cowboy.'

Griffin Dunne - Griffin Dunne proved he had comedic talent with 'After Hours' and 'Who's that Girl?'

Richard Pryor - Richard Pryor died in 2005. In the 1980s, few comedies went without his famous moustache.

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