Essential Bill Paxton Roles, From ‘Aliens’ to ‘Big Love’

Heading 1

Big Love: One of Paxton’s most complex roles, the patriarchal polygamist in HBO’s prestige drama found.

Frailty: More people probably caught Paxton’s Titanic turn (he’s the contemporary fortune hunter who sets up the extended.

A Simple Plan: Paxton re-teamed with his One False Move co-star Billy Bob Thornton for director Sam Raimi’s excellent.

Aliens: Paxton made such an impression as a mouthy marine in James Cameron’s explosive Alien sequel.

Twister: Sure, this modern-day disaster movie about runaway tornadoes (and the people who chase them.

One False Move: Though he excelled in a variety of roles throughout his career, Paxton was at his best whenever.

True Lies: Paxton flexed his comedic side as a supporting role in this Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick.

Apollo 13: While Tom Hanks was demonstrating the virtues of calm level-headedness as real-life NASA astronaut Jim Lovell.

Weird Science: For a generation of viewers raised on John Hughes’ teen comedies, Paxton will always be Chet.

‘Near Dark: Long before she became the only female to win the Best Director Oscar, The Hurt Locker‘s Kathryn.

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