Exploring the Skeleton Coast, the land God made in anger

Harsh and desolate: Not for nothing is the Skeleton Coast named as such.

Hostile and forbidding: Hostile and forbidding, the Skeleton Coast has claimed many lives, including those of hapless humans.

A thriving wilderness: Yet life does thrive in this uncompromising wilderness.

Skeleton Coast National Park: Established in 1971, Skeleton Coast National Park is one of the most desolate nature reserves on the African continent.

Desert lion: The desert lions of the Namib desert are a critically endangered subspecies of the iconic big cat.

Black rhinoceros: The critically endangered black rhinoceros maintains a tenuous foothold in the park.

Desert elephant: Desert-adapted elephants, known as desert elephants, can be found along Namibia's Skeleton Coast.

South African oryx: The South African oryx, also known as the gemsbok, is Namibia's national animal.

Namaqua chameleon:vThe parched Namib desert is home to the Namaqua chameleon. 

Web-footed gecko: The extraordinary web-footed gecko is totally at home in the harsh Skeleton Coast environment.

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