Films with the best makeovers

'Never Been Kissed' (1999) -
Drew Barrymore goes from straight-laced reporter to a peculiarly fashionable student. Her undercover disguise is priceless.

'Maid in Manhattan' (2002) -
Jennifer Lopez stars as a maid, Marisa, who gets a serious makeover before she goes out with the wealthy Chris (Ralph Fiennes).

'The Hunger Games' (2012) -
Lenny Kravitz plays Cinna. With his eyes lined with gold, he dresses up the insurgent Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) for her winning interview.

'Grease' (1978) -
The goody two-shoes Sandy Olsson gets a little help from her friends for a radical makeover that swaps poodle-skirt with tight black spandex. 

'The Devil Wears Prada' (2006) -
From a slightly dorky assistant Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) transforms into a stylish woman for fashion week. Her new look is on point.

'Clueless' (1995) -
This film best encapsulates the '90s trends. Cher (Alicia Silverstone) turns her skater friend Tai (Brittany Murphy) into a nineties goddess.

'Mean Girls' (2004) -
The iconic film shows Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) changed from a down-to-earth, safari girl, into a hot mean girl.

'The Parent Trap' (1998) -
The cheeky twins, both played by Lindsay Lohan, have a makeover session at camp to become each other.

'Desperately Seeking Susan' (1985) -
Roberta (Rosanna Arquette), a bored housewife, transforms herself to look like Susan (Madonna). As you can see, she does a pretty good job!

'Easy A' (2010) -
To stick it to the stupid reputations the other students give her, Olive (Emma Stone) decides to dress exactly as they expect her to. 

'Working Girl' (1988) -
She changes from a secretary to a boss in an effort to punish her boss (Harrison Ford) for stealing her idea. You can clearly sense the business vibe in her new look.

'Moonstruck' (1987) -
The wonderful Cher plays Loretta Castorini who falls for her fiancé's brother. Before a ball, she gets all done up in a great makeover sequence. 

'Dumb and Dumber' (1994) -
They may not have kept up their new appearances, but these goofy clowns have a serious makeover in their hotel room.

'The House Bunny' (2008) -
An ex-playboy bunny transforms socially anxious girls into supermodels when she creates her new sorority. 

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