Foods you didn’t know you could freeze

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Eggs: - Yes, you can freeze eggs, but you have to remove the shells. You can either freeze them in individual trays or whisk them.

Milk: - Milk can be frozen like many other foods. Just be careful not to use a heat source to defrost it.

Pesto: - We rarely use the entire container when we buy ready-made pesto. But the good news is, you can freeze it.

Tomato paste: - How many times have you used one tablespoon and the rest went to waste.

Soup: - Freeze soup in appropriate containers. It's important to calculate the portion sizes correctly.

Avocado: - These are lifesavers when you crave guacamole and don't have any fresh avocados at home.

Cheese: - Semi-hard and some hard cheeses are great for freezing. 

Hummus: - Hummus is also one of those things that are great to have in the freezer if you want to enjoy a snack.

Flour: - Freezing flour will prolong its shelf life. Just make sure you store it in an airtight container.

Potato chips: - Potato chips are mostly moisture-free, so defrosting them will not make them soggy. 

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