Fun challenges to do with friends

Hot pepper challenge - Line up various chili peppers, from mild to extremely hot, and let the challenge begin! Water (or milk) is allowed for this one.

Lemon challenge -
Slice a few lemons up and get everyone to eat as many slices as they can without spitting them out. Bonus points for keeping a straight face!

Jump rope challenge -
How many times can you and your friends jump in one minute? It’s time to find out!

Chubby Bunny challenge -
How many marshmallows can you stuff in your mouth and say “Chubby Bunny?” The person who can no longer say the words, loses.

Memory challenge -
Place an assortment of items on a tray and show it to your friends for a few seconds. Then have everyone write down as many objects as they can remember. 

Saltine cracker challenge -
You can eat five crackers, right? Now, do it in under one minute and without drinking anything. Good luck!

Bubble gum challenge -
Give your friends some bubble gum and then get them to blow a bubble. The person who can blow the biggest one wins.

Popsicle stick and cup tower challenge - Put your engineering skills to the test with this classic challenge. Stack up the sticks and build the ultimate tower!

Tin can challenge -
Buy a number of canned foods and remove the labels. Have your friends pick one up and sample the contents to see if they can guess exactly what it is.

Blindfolded drawing challenge -
The idea is to tell the blindfolded person to draw a specific thing. The result is often hilarious!

Likes and dislikes -
Get your friends to write down things they like and dislike on a piece of paper. Each participant takes turns in picking one from a bowl, and they must guess who wrote it.

Popping candy challenge -
Put some popping candy in your mouth and drink some soda. See how long you and your friends can hold this explosive mixture in your mouths!

Duplicate image challenge -
Find an old picture and try to recreate it. This can be an old photo, a painting, or any other image. Post it on social media for extra fun!

Ice bucket challenge -
Remember this one? You can also share it on social media and raise money for charity!

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