‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Defenders’ and ’80s Lady Wrestlers

Heading 1

I’m Dying Up Here: Welcome to the bloody business of hustling for laughs. I’m Dying Up Here chronicles the Seventies L.A.

Orange Is the New Black: Ladies and gentlemen, Litchfield is burning. 

Snowfall: John Singleton created this tough, gritty drama about the Eighties crack epidemic, set in South Central L.A.

Orphan Black’: Tatiana Maslany wraps up her historic run playing multiple.

Gypsy: Naomi Watts plays a Manhattan therapist who veers off the rails. She has a rich lawyer husband (Billy Crudup).

Twin Peaks: It makes sense that Twin Peaks had to wait until the 2000s to find its audience – it suits the stream.

Menendez:  Live through this, baby. Courtney Love has finally reached the Lifetime-movie phase of her rock.

Wynonna Earp’: The supernatural Western sleeper returns for another shooting match. 

The Gong Show: The summer’s most bizarre contender, and the crowning chapter in the completely nonsensical.

G.L.O.W.: Alison Brie is a floundering Hollywood actress – she dreams of serious theater, yet can’t even score.

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