Gymspiration female celebs who lift weights

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Rosamunde Pike: Rosamund Pike shared a video of herself hitting a new personal record in deadlifting on Instagram.

Eva Mendes: Mendes told Glamour that she saw great results when she ditched cardio for interval.

Angelina Jolie: Always wanted to look like Lara Croft? Performing squats, rows.

The benefits of weight training: Celebrity trainer Teddy Bass told Women’s Health.

Jennifer Lopez: Gunnar Peterson, the star trainer who helps J.Lo.

Hilary Duff: Heavy squats and deadlifts? Yes, please! Hilary told Cosmopolitan.

Khloé Kardashian: Personal trainer Gunnar Peterson shared Khloe’s workout with Hollywood Life.

Sofia Vergara: Gunnar Peterson, who also trains Vergara, revealed to Marie Claire.

Megan Fox: Two babies in two years can be taxing for any woman’s body.

Cameron Diaz: Celebrity trainer Teddy Bass, who worked with Diaz, told Women's Health.

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