High IQ: meet the brightest celebrities

Tom Brady - In addition to being one of the best American football players of all time, Tom Brady also has above-average intelligence. He has an IQ of 135.

Madonna - It's no surprise that the iconic singer used to have good grades in school. She has an IQ of 140.

Steve Martin - The award-winning actor has a talent for acting, magic, and comedy. Maybe his IQ of 142 has something to do with it.

Sharon Stone - The American actress has an IQ of 154, making her another gifted actress when it comes to intelligence.

Shakira - The Colombian singer has an IQ of 140. She is also fluent in several languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French.

Rowan Atkinson - The iconic Mr. Bean has an impressive IQ of 178. He's a real genius!

Quentin Tarantino - The American filmmaker has no college degree, but has an IQ of 160, one of the highest on the list.

Nicole Kidman - The Australian has an IQ of 132. Nicole Kidman studied at the Victoria College of Art in Australia.

Natalie Portman - The Israeli actress has an IQ of 140. She has a psychology degree from Harvard University and speaks five languages.

Masi Oka - The Japanese-American actor and programmer is a true genius and has an IQ of 180.

Marilyn Monroe - The legendary actress Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) had an IQ of 168. Not just a pretty face, right?

Kesha - The singer has an IQ of 140. She is yet another star who seems to have been born with the gift of intelligence.

Kate Beckinsale - The British actress makes the list of bright celebrities with an IQ of 132.

Alicia Keys - In addition to having an impressive voice, the American singer also has an IQ well above average at 154 points.

Bill Gates - The famous business magnate has a resounding IQ of 160. It is not by chance that such a genius founded Microsoft.

Bill Clinton - The former president of the United States is another famous personality with above-average intelligence. His IQ is 137.

Courteney Cox - The actress is another bright star with an IQ of 122.

Cindy Crawford - The American top-model and actress has an IQ of 154. 

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