Pâtisserie party the history of our favorite pastries

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Romans: - The Romans advanced a little more by adding oil to the filo dough. 

Medieval progress: -It took until the late Medieval period for pastry recipes to evolve. 

Puff pastry: - Puff pastry was supposedly created in 1645. 

French pastry: - Carême brought the world’s attention to Paris’ pastry scene.

Treats: - From looking at ancient wall paintings, old texts, and plays, researchers have found that they ate honey cakes.

Filo (phyllo): - It is supposed that they ate a kind of filo pastry. It is made from a simple mix of flour and water.

Ingredients: - Baking was becoming more popular because of the beauty of some creations. Bakers started to add saffron to the dough to give it an eye-popping color. 

Tart Tatin: - It was also in Paris, in the 1880s, that the delicious Tart Tatin was created by accident.

Where did it start?: - Just as with so many wonderful things, pastry originally comes from ancient civilizations.

The master: - The real boom in pastry popularity came from Marie-Antoine Carême (1784-1833).

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