How to child-proof your home

Cover electrical outlets - Ensure they don't stick fingers or objects into the socket by fitting child-proof covers on each and every outlet in the home.

Fit corner guards -
Don't cut corners when it comes to child safety! Prevent little ones from injuring themselves on the sharp edges of tables by fitting soft corner protectors.

Do a sweep for hidden dangers -
Make sure items such as jewelry are well out of reach of little hands, too. Collect necklaces, earrings, and other such items, and store them in a locked drawer or box.

Never leave an iron unattended - Get the iron safely out of the way the second you're not using it, and keep babies and toddlers at a distance while you're ironing.

Keep furniture away from windows - Keep furniture well away from windows, to prevent little adventurers using it as a way to get up to the window sill and at risk of falling out.

Fire safety - Make sure you fit a child-proof screen or fire gate, keep fire irons out of reach, and ensure the fireplace and chimney are inspected regularly.

Safeguarding your stove -
Ovens are usually within easy reach of little arms. Fit a childproof oven lock and a child-proof cover to prevent toddlers turning on gas burners.

Careful with magnets -
Colorful fridge magnets might look cute, but be careful: remove any that might be small enough to swallow and choke on.

Guest room safety -
If you are having young guests stay over, or are staying in someone else's house with small kids, make sure it's safe, with no danger from windows, electricals, or anything else.

Keep utensils locked away -
Don't leave kitchen knives and utensils out on display. Keep everything out of harm's way in a drawer with a child lock.

Be careful with cleaning products -
Cleaning products can pose multiple dangers for babies and toddlers. 

Empty the tub -
Empty the bathtub as soon as you've used it. Small children love to play with water, and it's a major drowning risk.

Move your medical supplies -
Don't leave medications anywhere a child could reach them. Move all pills, lotions, and potions to a locked medicine cabinet or other safe place.

Enclose pools and ponds -
Make sure pools, ponds, and other water features are enclosed. And never leave small children unattended near the water!

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