How to help a loved one with cancer

Come up with distractions
Don’t forget that life goes on despite illness. Your friend certainly doesn’t want to be thought of only as a cancer patient. 

Ensure they take their medication
Along with surgery, chemotherapy, and other treatments, cancer patients may be prescribed supportive drugs to lessen side effects.

Set aside some time
 Figure out early on how much time you can give, acknowledge your limitations, and ask others for help if necessary.

Understand the illness
Your loved one may want you to accompany them to medical appointments.

Plan your visits
 If current public health measures allow you to meet in person, make sure to visit when your friend is feeling up to it so that you can both enjoy yourselves.

Recognize pain
Your loved one might experience pain caused by the cancer itself or by the treatment of the illness.

Be alert to symptoms
 Keep an eye out for any symptoms, even those that seem benign, that could signal a relapse.

Be present
Your loved one’s cancer diagnosis will probably come as a shock. Let them know they can count on you to be there for them throughout the treatment process

 Let your loved one respond in their own way. “If your friend wants to talk, be ready to listen.

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