How to promote civility and respect around you

Why civility matters -
Demonstrating civility means showing regard for those around us and being thoughtful and polite. This has a number of benefits.

It fosters empathy -
Practicing civility can actually help you become a more empathetic person.

It makes you a kinder person -
By actively being more civil, you'll be a much kinder person towards others.

It makes you logical and fair -
Being civil can help you reason with logic and fairness. It also prevents you from lashing out.

It makes you optimistic -
Civility towards others will eventually instill optimism within yourself. You'll feel much better about external situations.

How to promote civility -
So, how do you promote civility in your day-to-day life? Well, there are a number of ways to do it.

Acknowledge other people -
Take your time to recognize others. For example, congratulate a team member at work for a job well done.

Respect even a subtle "no" -
One of the most basic rules of respect is accepting another person’s "no," even when it's subtle.

Be respectful of others' time -
Be aware of how you manage your time, as it can impact other people. Also, be careful to not send the message that your time is more important than theirs.

Treat others how you want to be treated - The golden rule: model the behavior you'd like to see from others.

Beware of your silence -
Don't let your silence condone disrespectful behavior. But also be careful when and where you speak up.

Don't take out your stress on other people - Be careful not to take out your stress on those around you. Find another coping method, or talk to a therapist if you need help.

Be a respectful listener -
A good listener is someone who focuses completely on what the other person is saying and engages with their ideas thoughtfully.

Conflict isn't always bad -
Conflict can be healthy if expressed appropriately. Make sure it’s a discussion about the ideas or the behaviors, not the person.

Have difficult conversations in person - Skip having difficult conversations by email or text. Have them in person, or at least by phone.

Treat others with kindness -
Kindness has a ripple effect that goes beyond the initial recipient. Practice treating others with respect and kindness no matter the setting.

Understand your triggers -
Knowing what makes you angry enables you to manage your reactions and respond in a more appropriate manner.

The power of a smile -
A smile is one of the most vibrant means of communication. 

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