How to stay calm under pressure

Break down your tasks -
When you're at the bottom of a big pile of work and looking up, it is all too easy to feel overwhelmed by the size of the task at hand.

Think positive thoughts -
When pressure is coming down on you from all sides, it can be easy for negative thoughts to spiral. However, dwelling on negative thoughts only gives them power.

Practice gratitude -
Research shows that people who make an effort to be grateful for the good things in their life have lower levels of cortisone, the hormone that contributes to stress.

Don't play the victim -
Similar to thinking positive thoughts, it is very important not to play the victim. If you do, negative thoughts will mount until tasks seem unsurmountable.

Get proper sleep -
Getting a good night's sleep every night allows your body and mind to recover from the stresses of the day and get ready to tackle the next day head on. 

Eat healthily - If your brain is to regulate your stress level, it needs to be in great shape to do so. A healthy brain requires a healthy diet, so be sure to think about what you're eating.

Exercise -
There is no need to train for a triathlon, but incorporating a walk or a jog into your day will definitely help relieve feelings of pressure.

Run in the right circles -
Surrounding yourself with the right people is enormously important. This is because being around the wrong people is a drain on our oh-so-precious energy.

Meditate -
Meditation is another great way to get some relief from the constant pressures of a busy working life. It can be seen as a sort of mental distraction. 

Breathe properly -
Belly-breathing requires us to relax our diaphragm and allow our lungs to fill with air and expand fully. This helps to slow heart rate and lower or stabilize blood pressure.

Maintain perspective -
It sounds easier said than done, but keeping things in perspective is paramount when it comes to handling pressure and dealing with stress.

Have a pre-performance routine -
What the routine should entail is very much up to the individual, but ideas might include calling someone close to you or doing a stretching routine.

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