Most Amazing Waterfalls in Florida

Disappearing Creek:Camp Branch Conservation Area is located near Big Shoals State Park along the Suwannee River. This area, like Big Shoals State Park, is more about rapids than waterfalls. 

Falling Creek Falls: is one of the lesser-known waterfalls in Florida. The boardwalk walkway at Falling Creek Falls leads to a modest waterfall with a drop of only 10-12 feet over limestone.

Devil’s Millhopper Nature Trail: is a geological state park in the middle of Gainesville, Florida, and thousands of people flock there each year because it’s so awesome. 

Falling Waters Sinkhole Trail: located in Chipley, features a 10-foot-deep sinkhole at the end of the sinkhole trail, as well as a 73-foot waterfall that pours into it. 

Big Shoals State Park: are among Florida’s best, with 28 miles of thrilling scenery unlike anywhere else in the state. Though Big Shoals doesn’t have waterfalls, it does have 80-foot limestone .

 Lake Osprey:is one of the newest trail paths in Florida. It was named this because fishing here offers you a chance to see magnificent Osprey birds. There is a highland region where springs emerge.

Rainbow Springs:is an artificial waterfall, it certainly deserves to be included on this list. A popular Florida attraction since the 1930s, Rainbow Springs became a state-owned facility in the 1990s.

Morikami Japanese Gardens:Even though the waterfalls at Morikami Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach are artificial, they’re still beautiful. It would be impossible to tell that it is artificial.

Steinhatchee Falls:is located in a beautiful setting that is both historical and geologically significant. Even though it’s not the biggest waterfall globally, it’s in an area of natural landscapes.

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