Most destructive tsunamis in history

Indonesia, 2004 -
The tsunami reached 14 different countries in the Indian Ocean, traveling as much as 3 miles (5 km) inland in Sumatra.

Japan, 2011 -
Japan has been the location of many of the most severe earthquakes and tsunamis in history.

Japan, 1498 -
Another of Japan’s most famous tsunamis occurred in 1498. It hit the Nankaidō coastline following an 8.3 magnitude earthquake. 

Japan, 1707 -
The Pacific coast of Japan was devastated by a historical tsunami again in 1707. 

Japan, 1896 -
A Shinto holiday was being celebrated in Japan when the tsunami hit. It killed an estimated 20,000 people and destroyed 11,000 homes.

Indonesia, 1883 -
Indonesia was the site of yet another destructive tsunami back in 1883. This time, it was caused by the infamous volcano Krakatau. 

Italy, 1963 -
A deadly tsunami of terrifying height struck Italy’s Piave valley in 1963, but this one was directly caused by human actions.

Chile, 1868 -
In 1868, an earthquake with a magnitude of around 9.0 hit the coast of Chile. 

Greenland, 2017 -
The 2017 tsunami in Greenland was neither the deadliest nor the most destructive, but it was certainly one of the largest in history. 

Indonesia, 1674 -
The first megatsunami in recorded history occurred in Indonesia in 1674. 

Alaska, 1958 -
The largest megatsunami ever recorded happened in Alaska in 1958. A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the Lituya Bay area in southern Alaska.

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