Movies with an American Civil War backdrop

Cold Mountain: In Anthony Minghella's acclaimed Civil War romance, Jude Law stars as a wounded deserter from the Confederate Army struggling to make it back home.

The Outlaw Josey Wales: Clint Eastwood's portrayal of a Missouri farmer bent on revenge after his family is murdered by Union militias was widely applauded by critics.

Lincoln: The final four months of Abraham Lincoln's life is majestically portrayed by Danial Day-Lewis in Stephen Spielberg's cerebral take on.

Dances with Wolves: Kevin Costner's revisionist epic is more about his character John Dunbar's dealings with the Lakota people.

The Conspirator: Robert Redford directed this thoughtful historical drama that tells the tale of Mary Surratt.

Glory: This historical drama centers on the the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, the Union Army's first African-American regiment.

Gettysburg: At 254 minutes, 'Gettysburg' is one of the longest Hollywood films ever released. 

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Italian director Sergio Leone's sprawling epic plays out in 1862 as a trio of gunslingers.

Gods and Generals: 'Gods and Generals' serves as a prequel to 1993's 'Gettysburg' and features many returning cast members.

Gone with the Wind: Often cited as one of the greatest films of all time, this lavish historical melodrama is set in the Old South.

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