Musicians from famous bands whose solo careers flopped -
This member of the Black Eyed Peas did get some attention with his solo work, but it wasn't quite the same as the attention he got with his band.

Debbie Harry -
Debbie Harry was all the rage while fronting Blondie. But despite having released five studio albums, she never really quite made it as a solo artist.

Billy Corgan -
Billy Corgan is a prolific songwriter, but his solo career is completely overshadowed by his work with The Smashing Pumpkins.

Michelle Williams - Williams did release a successful gospel pop record in 2002 called 'Heart to Yours,' but, sadly, her follow-up albums weren't as successful.

Nicole Scherzinger -
Nicole Scherzinger has released two studio albums, both of which received mixed reviews from critics. It's safe to say she did a lot better with The Pussycat Dolls.

Jordan Knight -
Finding success after a career with a group like New Kids on the Block is not easy. Jordan Knight never quite found the spotlight he was under when he was a member of NKOTB.

Redfoo -
You may recognize the rapper and DJ from the duo LMFAO. As for his solo career? Well, let's just say he hasn't released another 'Party Rock Anthem' or 'Sexy and I Know It' just yet.

JC Chasez -
Unlike Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez said bye, bye, bye to musical success after he left NSYNC. He did, however, find success as a judge on the TV show 'America's Best Dance Crew.'

Nick Carter -
Nick Carter has three solo albums under his belt, but none have come close to the success his Backstreet Boys albums achieved.

Boy George -
Boy George has enjoyed moderate success since his solo career started in 1987. But let's be honest: most fans will go to his shows to listen to Culture Club songs.

Patrick Stump -
Patrick Stump never really found his way to success outside of Fall Out Boy. His 2011 album 'Soul Punk' was okay, but not really up to his main band's standard.

Steve Perry -
We get it: the former Journey front man sang 'Don't Stop Believin'' so many times that he actually believed he could have found success as a solo artist. Sadly, he didn't.

Scott Weiland -
The late singer was a successful rock star while fronting Stone Temple Pilots and later Velvet Revolver. His stab at going solo, though, wasn't as successful.

AJ McLean -
This former member of the Backstreet Boys' solo debut album actually reached no. 31 on the charts—in Japan... This is as far as AJ McLean's solo career goes in terms of worldwide success.

Scott Stapp -
Scott Stapp enjoyed true success with his band Creed. His solo career, however, was a flop. Stapp has released three solo albums so far.

Ali Campbell -
Ali Campbell found great success as the singer of the reggae-pop band UB40. His solo albums did moderately okay in the UK, but he's yet to have a hit like 'Red Red Wine.'

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