National Parks to Visit in April

Great Sand Dunes National Park:is famous for its biggest sand dunes, such as the Star Dune. April is the best month to visit the park due to the pleasant temperatures in addition to fewer crowds .

Capitol Reef National Park: is another beautiful park to visit in April as the weather is friendly at the time. The temperatures are pleasant for hiking, camping, scenic drives, watching the sunset.

Grand Canyon National Park: Visit the park in April if you want to experience a peaceful hike down the Plateau Point Trail, a thrilling challenge with spectacular views of the inner canyon. 

Yellowstone National Park:in April is a wise decision if you’re looking to experience the beginning of spring in the park. Temperatures range from 19℉ to 46℉. 

Zion National Park: is an incredible place to be in April. It’s home to beautiful canyons formed over the years by powerful weather events. With temperatures ranging between 43℉ and 73℉.

Olympic National Park: is among the most amazing parks to visit in Spring. If you want to go hiking in a wide range of places, you can because the temperature ranges from 56.8°F to 37.2°F. 

Shenandoah National Park:is best known for its beautiful natural surroundings, waterfalls, and stunning hiking trails. Temperatures are very favorable in April, especially during the day.

Redwood National Park: is best known for being home to the tallest trees worldwide: old-growth coastal redwood trees, and giant sequoia trees. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park:Spring is a good time to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Wildlife is in abundance during April. Therefore, you’ll have a chance to see salamanders.

Everglades National Park: is among the greatest national parks to visit in April due to its diverse ecosystem. With temperatures ranging from highs of 83℉ to lows of up to 73℉.

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